jonas, the blizzard

by siena

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Elias Williamson
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Elias Williamson if u like nice things this ep is 4 u Favorite track: normal.
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songs recorded during the blizzard


released January 24, 2016

songs written and performed by siena
recorded by blue snowball
mixed (unfortunately) by siena
album picture by shana hodosh
featuring loud clanking radiator and winter storm jonas



all rights reserved


siena New York, New York

sweet n sour songs by siena: sad, sentimental, sultry, silly, sleepy, & sometimes sincere.

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Track Name: anyway
still got your books stacked on my shelf
still got your imprints in myself
still got your shirts piled in my drawer
still feel your shadow on my doorstep

i always hated you anyway
hated you anyway
why did i wait for you anyway
hated you anyway

still got my postcards on your desk
still think we're different from the rest
still got my photos on your phone
still feel my presence in your home

you always hated me anyway
hated me anyway
what did you see in me anyway
hated me anyway

did my lips not feel like daylight
did you find solace in my touch
did i not make you feel like someone
did you not use me like a crutch

i always hated us anyway
hated us anyway
i always hated us anyway

what did you say that i couldn't say
it couldn't be just any day
did i not ruin us anyway
ruin us every way
i hated you anyway
Track Name: normal
i call you, you don't pick up
there's nothing to reconstruct
we're normal, what you'd expect
we're common, just like the rest

you're tangled in laughing smoke
you're making yourself the joke
you hold me just like a tomb
you kiss like an empty room

you've been weighing on my mind
oh, but how you
you waste my time
you waste my, waste my time

i liked you so honestly
i thought of you constantly
you're more than someone i used
if that scares you, then i'm confused

you tell me i'm full of shit
i am come, come to think of it
Track Name: when i talk to you
i'm so happy, i'm so content
in love with your absence, i long for your scent

i'm so happy, how could i be blue
but hey, who am i now, another girl you would screw

i turn on the water and stare at the tub
and i think of you
i close the curtains, lie down on the rug
and i think of you

i'm so happy, i'm wasting your time
our legs are so tangled, oh how you make me divine

i take out my matches and sit on the sink
and i think of you
i see my reflection, the curve of my cheek
and i think of you

it felt like so recently you couldn't get enough of me
it was a temporary thing
but it ended up meaning so much to me
now all you wanna do is touch me?

i take my clothes off, there's nothing to do,
so i think of you
i light a cigarette, feeling so used
when i think of you
i climb in the bathtub and reach for the soap
cuz i reek of you
but i wanna know who i'm talking to
when i talk to you
Track Name: my friends say
my friends say i am underwater and i refuse to swim
my friends say i'm belligerent, my humor is too grim
my friends say i'm a narcissist any maybe they are right
my friends, they take me out, and they ignore me for the night

my friends say i am righteous, i am holier-than-thou
my friends think i like feeling sad, i live for it somehow
my friends think that i lag behind they jokes they like to make
my friends see my sincerity and think it must be fake

they call me on an underwater telephone and say:
"siena, we are worried, why do you hide yourself away?"